Artists: Jackie Wang, Chick Strand, Wale Matuluko, Ashlin Ballif, Immaculata Abba, Tough Gossamër, Kadara Enyeasi, Karoline Gonzalez, Tomilade Olugbemi, Rudy Burckhardt, and Olakiitan Adeola.

>> a geography of sunflowers<< maps poetics as an entry to vital virtual relations and considers the possibility of enchantment through scenic perceptions. Scenic perception here refers to not taking for granted that digital works are composed and tangible, thereby creating relation. Within this, influence flows, on the side of the viewer by assimilation or how the works mediate sensation.(Our emphasis here is on feeling.)

Featuring sounds, web installations and video works, these visual, sonic, and textual language mingle and mediate for small piths of pleasure, a  refinement possible through perception. Each artist offer their unique composition of scenes—webbed in symbols—where their virtualities, in relation, transcend their own virtual time and space, revitalise gaps in fractured visions, dilate somber/hyper time for more possibilities. 

To weave in Wendell Berry:

“...When despair for the world grows in me, [...] I come into

the peace of wild things...For a time I rest in the grace of the world, and am free.”

Each work offers diverse forms of alterity. In the frenetic pace the internet can be, >>a geography of sunflowers<< proposes slow swirls, a dance for awhile in its cybersauna so to speak. In this virtual clotted jungle, could there be a metaphor for cyberspace, perhaps at its edges that proposes sensate scenes captured and processed by the eye? How does >>the intentioned<< mediate perception?

Over or littered within, sunflowers will appear with all of its teeth.

The exhibition title borrows from Michelle Angwenyi’s The Geography of Sunflowers.

a geography of sunflowers is an online pavillion in