capping intuition

collective pain points…..

I am the science I did not learn, I tread through the lab uncertainly

potions I created

               I mixed

               I churned

not drawn to diagram no instruction given

the cauldron I brewed came to boil by the hands only I know, hands sisters grew

living in the necessary complexities of planets mocking

oh how they laugh

little bellies full of galaxy dust, dehydrated minds, dizzy and vertiginous

a machine tells us to run and stop

to run and stop

to erase


Intuition said:


and so, we ran, she ran, they ran

she continues:

use me--or you--use me,

mind in your mind

is your mind

not the capital they have planted you to follow

she smiles:

money is a nuisance but it always comes

a wind whose fervor is all but compassion,

moreso a virus engrained

so intelligent it has abilities to code as love

she strengthens, bolsters:

who do you allow to motivate?

listen to the voice so loud it fades into your blood

a minuscule cell coasting underneath

a lightbulb, a compass, a push, a nudge

do not ignore the delicate code of your being, your being, you

Text and Audio by Ashlin Ballif.

Ashlin Artemesia Ballif is a writer, curator and the author of our floral anatomy, a collection of her poetry and visuals from friends.